Born in South Africa to European Jewish Parents. Raphael grew up in Melbourne’s suburb’s navigating his way though life with Cystic Fibrosis.

In and out of hospitals and different types of schools he was then also diagnosed with learning difficulties.

Engaging with drama, dance and the arts to carry him through the education system, Raphael was passionate about attended the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School at the age of 14. Three schools later he went onto Swinburne Hawthorn & Swinburne University of Technology Prahran for 1 year studying Small Companies and Community Theatre.

A surprise opportunity regularly meet and perform twice with Michael Jackson onstage, further affirmed Raphael’s desire to use the adversity of his condition to help other people.

He has become a Performer, Stylist, Photographer, Filmmaker, Health Advocate and Speaker producing works throughout Australia, Japan, Iceland, Scotland but most commonly in his beloved home town Melbourne City.

Raphael’s unique circumstances have allowed him to become a compassionate and empathetic storyteller connecting those he works with to their own circumstances and futures.


All photos on this site were taken by Shantanu Starick as he has been travelling the world for his latest project, Pixel Trade.